Dello Russo Lasik Vision

Dr. Dello Russo's Lasik practice makes use of the LADARVision® wavefront Custom Cornea System for its unsurpassed technological excellence and terrific visual Custom LASIK results. This FDA-approved technique combines state-of-the-art wavefront mapping technology with a flying spot excimer laser and active tracking system to carry out unparalleled accuracy in Custom Cornea attention.

Interested in Brooklyn Lasik or Manhattan Lasik surgery? Contact us today!. Our lasik system for wavefront technology creates a detailed 3D view, permitting the surgeon to correct your eye sight with the Dello Russo lasik procedure. This customized map permits our Custom LASIK doctors to treat not only lower order eyesight aberrations (nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism), but also higher order aberrations that are often associated with evening/night problems such as glare & halos.

In addition to wavefront customization, the unique design of LADARVision's excimer lasik laser and tracking technique ensures absolutely accurate placement of the lasik beam as it reshapes your cornea. The Custom Cornea system is designed with a narrow beam excimer laser (only .8mm wide), capable of removing microscopic portions of eye corneal tissue. Our Custom Cornea system, using the LADARVision technology, at our Dello Russo lasik facility, will have patients who have undergone the lasik procedure seeing clearly.

For more info rmation about wavefront lasik in Manhattan , or wave front lasik in Brooklyn ( or even wavefront lasik in New York ), contact Dello Russo Laser Vision today.. Dello Russo Laser Vision is excited to extend our Lasik laser patients the choice of all-laser Lasik.



Hey Mike,

It's Belle Logozio again with the results from my Flying Spot laser surgery. It's been 2 weeks today and everything is great. The procedure went well, just a little uncomfortable, but there was one thing you tell me. No eye make up for 2 weeks, that was the worst part! I'm very happy I did it and I agree with everything you've been telling your listeners. I told Dr. Dello Russo I spoke to you and he said Hi and what a nice man you are. I agree. Thank you again for your encouraging words and I'll look for you at the Kids Fair.

Belle Logozio

Dear Joe and Stephanie:

Thank you for giving me perfect eye sight. After experiencing the entire process it's amazing how you surgery is so simple, painless and effective.

I admit, prior to meeting you I was skeptical, especially because I was told by many that I would have halos and problems with night driving; this, for me, would have been a great inconvenience. After extensive research yours was the only technology that I felt comfortable with...also you experience didn't hurt. I was not willing to trust something as critical as my sight to anything other than your practice. In the end, the few extra dollars are probably the best investment that I've made. Clearly the combination of flying spot laser technology and your personal attention gave perfect day and night vision. I am thrilled!

As a public speaker you have given me personally - and professionally - a new life!

Thanks again,
Robert Reiss