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The most important step in the Lasik operation (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) is the cutting of the corneal flap. This is because the greatest number of potential complications is associated with this part of the operation. The corneal flap can be cut off by Femtosecond laser with laser pulses or by a mechanical microkeratome, which uses a metal blade for cutting. Although nowadays the mechanical microkeratome is relatively safe and accurate, the number of eye surgeons who prefer Femtosecond laser is rapidly increasing. Scientific studies show that the operation carried out by Femtosecond laser achieves the best visual acuity and the likelihood of complications is less compared to the acuity achieved when using a mechanical microkeratome.

When using a mechanical microkeratome the vacuum ring compresses the eye so that the intraocular pressure is raised more than 150 mmHg (using some mechanical microkeratome and Femtosecond lasers up to 300 mm Hg. cm). As a result, the blood flow to vessels in the eye is stopped and at the time when corneal flap is cut, and vision is lost.

The surface of the Femtosecond laser has a bulge which is similar to the cornea. It provides an opportunity to attach the device to the eye for 20-30 seconds with a pressure of typically 80 mm Hg. Such pressure can be felt when you press your finger on your eye.

If we use the Femtosecond laser for corneal flap formation, the pressure increases to the minimum and blood flow is never interrupted. Because of this, the patient's vision is preserved throughout the entire procedure. Sensations that occur during the procedure IntraLasik are compared with the sensations during the insertion of contact lenses.

You no longer need to worry about a thin cornea
During Lasik the thickness of the tissue, which remains under the flap of the cornea, must be at least 250 mm. Since the Femtosecond laser separates the ultra-precise corneal flap thickness less than 100 mm, the thickness of the cornea is no longer a reason to abandon the idea of undergoing laser eye correction.

The procedure is simple for patients with small eyes
Due to the vacuum ring of the mechanical microkeratome, eyelids are well stretched by a special blepharostat. The contact surface of the Femtosecond laser is suitable for all eyes. If you have any additional questions and you would like to get answers during a personal consultation, please contact the Dello Russo Laser Vision. In our center you will learn all about laser vision correction. Call us at 201-384-7333.